Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am in D.C. I start my internship tomorrow. The life here is more fast paced than I am accustomed to, don't know if it suits my layback style. Maybe Californians are more chill in general, but we fail to recognize it. It seems like people here have less patience, are always moving about. I really would like to just take my time and enjoy some scenery. But scenery is sparse, and everyone lacks time. I wonder if they can tell I'm from somewhere else just by looking at me. The general population here is also taller than in Irvine.

That is my room. I love it because I get a nice view of the city. My room is smaller than everyone else's, but I like the curved wall and window. The roomies seem nice, though I barely know them. Two are from Berkeley, one is from UCLA. The Berkeley people have a sense of humor I enjoy for brief amounts, then it gets somewhat tiresome. It's all wit, no love.

I landed in Baltimore yesterday morning, took the bus and metro instead of a taxi to get to the UCDC center. Took me an hour to get where I wanted while I lugged 70 pounds of luggage around the humid heat. The temperature here is in the mid 90's. I hear there will be a thunderstorm tonight.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I feel like with the invention of the cell phone, the traditional household phone could soon become something rare. My roommate today suggested we get a phone for the apartment, then soon retracted that statement because, in all honesty, the traditional household style of one phone per living unit does not suit well to the college lifestyle where people are constantly at different, unpredictable places, and no one stays in one place for too long.

Despite the obvious benefits of cell phones, I kind of miss the traditional household phone. I miss hearing someone shout from the other room, "telephone!" in hopes that someone else will pick it up. I miss fighting over phone time. And I miss handing the phone over to other people. Sure the cell phone provides privacy to whom one speaks with, but with most things that offer added privacy, it also reduces the sense of community. One no longer gets to hear the voices, or say hello to the people that live with whom you call.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

mission accomplished

Oh, what a beauty. Look how he glows in the orange county sun. To the ocean we shall travel...

Monday, March 19, 2007

I learned how to ride a bicycle on Friday. I don't know why I never learned how to before then. Maybe I've become more courageous, although I've always thought that children are supposed to better at learning new skills such as riding a bike or learning how to swim, but I've learned both those things in adulthood.

I went to Target and marveled at their bike selection. I don't even know how to tell which bikes are good and which are bad, but they all looked real sleek and sturdy. They were all basically variations on the same two wheels plus a steel frame theme, yet each one had its own character, and I could feel myself becoming attached to a bike that suited me. I really wish they came in more colors though. They were all either metallic blue or bright red.

I love how all the mechanism of a bike are exposed. With each pedal one can see the physics at work. Unlike cars which are designed to keep their clunky parts hidden, there is such simplicity to a bike's engineering that leaving its gears uncovered actually makes it more beautiful. The gears keep the bike looking grounded and gritty enough, yet the whole thing is so simple and straightforward that it never distracts from the cleanness of the frames. There is something I find somewhat disappointing about how a car works. All you do is step of the pedal and off you go. So much is lost in the transfer of energy from human to machine.

I really wanted a blue sporty looking bike, but didn't want to drop the dough until I shopped around some more. The bike in the top right picture is a $70, $90 with shipping, and according to the Target website, it has all the qualities I'd want. It "fits most adults" and has "thumb shifter for quick and easy selection of gears." Really though, I'd be happy with anything that will last me a few years. I was trying to think of whether or not I wanted a "cruiser" bike. One with broad handles that wrap around the sides and generally look more sophisticated. However, I think if I'm gonna get a bike, I'd want to dirty it up some, go on an adventure or two, so a sportier design would be best for that. I think the first thing I'll do when I get a bike is ride it to the ocean. I've always wanted to jog to the ocean, but I get too tired after about 2 miles, and it usually doesn't occur to me until about that far out that I still need job back. But I can't imagine biking to the ocean would be an unachievable goal.

Just to prove to myself that I'm serious about this whole bicycle thing, I bought myself a helmet today. It's difficult to tell just by looking at me, but I have a pretty large head. And I was expecting all the helmets to be too small. They were for the most part, until I found this blue one that was neither too loose nor too tight. It even has an adjustable strap in the back for all the odd-shaped heads of the world. After I found that out, I knew the helmet and I were meant for each other.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Adventure Time

Holy baloney, I love love love this:

Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Forum

I just compiled my last issue of New Forum on Thursday. We got over 100 submissions, so having to read all of them was difficult. I'm very proud of the issue and enjoyed the company of the staff very much. If you are free Thursday night, March 1, please come to New Forum's Roundtable: UC Irvine, HIB 135 at 8pm. We're going to try to make it a fun, so please bring a friend if you attend.