Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am in D.C. I start my internship tomorrow. The life here is more fast paced than I am accustomed to, don't know if it suits my layback style. Maybe Californians are more chill in general, but we fail to recognize it. It seems like people here have less patience, are always moving about. I really would like to just take my time and enjoy some scenery. But scenery is sparse, and everyone lacks time. I wonder if they can tell I'm from somewhere else just by looking at me. The general population here is also taller than in Irvine.

That is my room. I love it because I get a nice view of the city. My room is smaller than everyone else's, but I like the curved wall and window. The roomies seem nice, though I barely know them. Two are from Berkeley, one is from UCLA. The Berkeley people have a sense of humor I enjoy for brief amounts, then it gets somewhat tiresome. It's all wit, no love.

I landed in Baltimore yesterday morning, took the bus and metro instead of a taxi to get to the UCDC center. Took me an hour to get where I wanted while I lugged 70 pounds of luggage around the humid heat. The temperature here is in the mid 90's. I hear there will be a thunderstorm tonight.


Slice of Pink said...

I lived in that building for two semesters! UCDC, yes?

MikeE said...

yep, UCDC.