Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let's see how long this blog will last

So I've decided to create a blog to post things that fascinate me. This way, I will have a space to store all the things that make me happy. Most of the things will be stolen from other blogs and sources, I'm sure. I doubt this blog will be heavy on auto-biography since I've always felt uncomfortable sharing myself with potential strangers and stalkers (not that I'm in any way stalkworthy), but just in case.

I think I'll start my first blog by saying that I think everyone should have an amazon wish list even if you're not an avid reader, or think books are dull (in which case, shame on you) because you can add things like DVDs, boardgames, showerheads, and fedora hats. Recently, I've gone on a amazon wish list stalking rampage, looking up random friends and purveying the various items they've chosen to include. I have to say, I think I get a greater sense of who a person is after I've seen their list. Also, I've realized that's I'm actually pretty predictable as far as my interests go. For some reason, I've always thought of myself as someone who is hard to shop for. But after evaluating my own list, there seems to be a pretty consistent theme. I tend to like funny, thought-provoking, and slightly outrageous stuff. And I find it interesting that the majority of my items are in the colors yellow and red. I don't even like red. But I guess while aesthetically I go for blues and browns, intellectually I prefer bold yellows and red, and the hues in-between. I like wacky things and think wacky thoughts, but I guess I don't show it much on the outside.

Here is my list, please make one of your own.

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